Deep Sea 8 Hour Trip - 32 ft Twin Vee and 30 ft Stamas

Federal Snapper Season is June 1st - Aug.   

We have 3 boats to choose from.  We now have two 32 ft Twin Vee, and a 30ft Stamas.  

This trip typically runs 35-45 miles.  They target federal red snapper, king fish, ling, dorado, sharks, Spanish mackerel, etc. 

At this time all prices do include fuel.  It is subject to change if fuel prices increase. 


(Max of 6 people)

Monday - Sunday 1-6 people - $1800.00  

Weekday specials available 1-4 people.  Call for prices 832 428-4430



Fall and Spring Trips - 32 ft Twin Vee and 30ft Stamas

Beach Front and Close Offshore Trips.  Sept - May

Three boats to choose from.  We now have two 32 ft Twin Vee, and a 30ft Stamas.

Depending on the month, this trip targets Bull Reds, Sharks, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel.  Nov-April a typical trip runs a few miles offshore to get into the big Bull Reds.  Depending on conditions they can also be on the beach front and jetty areas too.  End of April May we will offer a plus fuel trip.  This trip runs about 10 miles out.  This time of year the kings start to come in and the action can be a lot of fun.

(Max of 6 people)

4 hours 1-4 people - $750.00 / 5 people - $825.00 / 6 people - $900.00

6 hours 1-4 people - $875.00 / 5 people - $950.00 / 6 people - $1,025.00


Shared Trips - Split the price with others!

We also offer Shared Trips for our Federal Red Snapper.  These are trips that you jump in with other fishermen to split the cost. Watch our Facebook page for shared trip dates or give us a call. 832 428-3340.  If we know we have people interested in certain dates, we can try and put something together.  We love our Shared trip fishermen! Great way to meet new people that share an interest in the outdoors!

$300.00 a person - the most we will put on the boat is 6 anglers.  (All fuel included)


24ft Boat

Beach Front/Jetty/ Bay Trips (Jan-May)(Sept-Dec)

Depending on the conditions and time of year, this boat runs a few miles offshore for bull reds and sharks or we can stay in the jetty areas and back bays for trout, red fish, flounder, sheepshead etc.   if it is a light tackle trip.


4 hours - 4 people max - $650.00.

6 hours - 4 people max - $875.00.







It doesn’t matter whether you have a lifetime of fishing experience or if you’ve never held a fishing pole in your hand; our experienced fishing guides will offer you a memorable fishing experience. Our deep-sea fishing at Galveston prices are the most competitive around. With our low Galveston fishing charter prices and experienced fishing guides, you will never return empty handed. You won’t find any hidden charges as we love to maintain 100% transparency with our Galveston fishing charter prices.

Different options of fishing charters and deep sea fishing in Galveston - Prices

We basically have two different charter packages, and you get the flexibility of choosing the boat according to your needs, budget, and preferences. Our very popular spring/fall special is perfect if you are looking forward to fishing for sharks, tarpons, and other giant fish.



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